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Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD APK

Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD APK (Unlimited Snowballs/Moves)

You will enjoy this game if you like the animated movie Frozen. It is a popular film that always gets attention. The game has a simple, but not boring puzzle game. There are also surprises at each level to help you discover new things. Players will embark on a journey to the frozen continent and face new challenges.

Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD APK

Start the quest with colored stones

You are probably familiar with the Disney Channel’s famous animated film “Ice Queen”, which is always a hit among young people. The birth of the new game will be a lot more exciting when it is based on the details from the movie. This allows players to feel as authentic as possible. Disney Frozen Free Fall is a great way to sharpen your mind and improve your manipulations. So, let’s go to the ice castle and learn some interesting things with Elsa, Anna and their friends.

You must move the colored stones in a line to be able break the ice blocks that are given by the level. You can match stones horizontally or vertically, as long as they are the same colour.


Disney Frozen Free Fall is a game that will give you exciting and new experiences. You can play the game at any time and enjoy more than 1,000 levels. You do not have to perform complicated operations to play this game. Instead, you simply need to get the stones to be the same color.

As the game was inspired by the film Frozen, you can be sure that the main characters are always present. Characters will appear as they do in the film, and this is a big attraction for the players. If you are having difficulty with certain levels, characters will provide hints. However, if more hints are needed, you must unlock higher levels in order to unlock additional characters.

Take on harder challenges and collect items

You will have to overcome challenges as you progress through the game. You will face more obstacles and you’ll have a harder time collecting colored stones. You will need to develop strategies to overcome the obstacles in the game. Disney Frozen Free Fall offers you a variety of maps that you can explore. However, you will only be able to unlock the maps once you have completed all tasks in each level. The game will also regularly host unique events that allow players to collect new items.


The characters will guide you to the most interesting places in this kingdom. You’ll also discover some special features along the way. You can build your empire with the help of each character’s unique skills and strengths. When you match more than three of the same colored stones, Princess Anna appears and uses the torch to melt any ice blocks on the stones.

Queen Elsa can also help you by removing stones of the same colour from the board. You can now win the game with the highest score. This is also a great way to unlock new features and build your kingdom. Create your Arendelle Empire and decorate it for growth.

Key Features

  • Join your friends on a journey of discovery and adventure in the land where the frozen castle is located.
  • Enjoy the simple, yet attractive gameplay of this game inspired by Frozen and discover the fascinating things that are hidden in the frozen castle
  • You need to use simple operations to move 3 stones of the exact same color to gain points. On the board, there will be icebergs that you must break in each level
  • You can play the game with thousands of levels. Elsa and Anna, as well as other characters, will be there to accompany you.
  • As the challenges increase and obstacles are encountered, it will be necessary to develop unique and intelligent strategies in order to achieve game objectives.
  • Unlock new characters by completing quests at each level. You will also be able to build Arendelle’s kingdom after unlocking the new items

Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD APK (Unlimited Snowballs and Move) Download

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