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Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK Free Download (Unlimited Power)

Crazy Defense Heroes allows players to defend themselves against the attacks of evil orcs. You can control heroes and summon towers in order to fight them. You can unlock elements with unique characteristics and create a powerful defensive strategy. Each card’s potential will be upgraded by using resources.

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK


Crazy Defense Heroes will have players engage in battles with evil orcs, who own a certain amount of money that is impossible to predict. In this game, your goal is to create a defensive barrier against the orcs and prevent them from reaching the critical path. This path is marked by a blue shield. When the battle starts, the shield disappears, revealing a way that your enemies can enter.

You will be entering a field that has many paths you can see. The game will also give you a hint about the path that you must protect. These are the footprints. This is how you can prepare for the first wave of troops to move and create a powerful defensive force. Zoom in and out to better see the environment.

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK

Place powerful defensible towers

You will notice that the first time you play Crazy Defense Heroes you see a circle on each side of the road, and an icon for the tower. This is the fixed location where you can place the towers you own. On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll find a mana indicator. The amount of mana that you plan to spend will also be displayed on the card. The amount of mana that you can use is also limited.

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK

You should pay attention to the number of red dots in the corner. You can think of it as the number you can use to match the number towers on the field. You will have to spend some time selecting the best location in order to maximize the power of your towers. You can also use all the resources you have at your disposal to increase their power.

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK

Upgrade your power to fight the enemy

You can also move the heroes to any location that you like. These characters, who will be facing orcs in the street, will also lose health as time goes on. Use traps to stop enemy penetration. You can find the upgrade stack for each tower by clicking on it.

To upgrade the towers, you will need to continue to use a certain amount mana. This upgrade process will be carefully chosen depending on the match situation and the tower characteristics. You can also add new cards to your squad by opening chests. Each resource you earn in the game can be used to upgrade each tower’s base stats and make it stronger before the upgrade is performed in the match.

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK

Key Features

  • Customize your hero avatar to lead your army into victory!
  • Join the tower defense battle and unlock more than 20 epic heroes. Improve their attack, defense and movement speed to strengthen your army. You can customize your tower defense attacks and defenses with a wide range of tower defense techniques!
  • Create a powerful clan with players from around the world! Chat with clan members, exchange supplies, complete clan missions and earn tokens for your clan!
  • Place defense towers that have a range of abilities and assault ranges to protect critical control locations.
  • The seasonal invasions include everything from dragons to minotaurs, with each having its own unique characteristics. Clan quest season is now open for you to join!
  • Defeat the biggest threats to your realm in intense boss battles with friends from your clan! Make your best tower defense strategy and prepare a fire!
  • You can find new cards on a regular schedule, and you’ll also have to complete tower defense missions!

Crazy Defense Heroes v3.9.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) Download

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