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Archer Legend v1.1.30 MOD APK (Speed Map, Free Diamond Box)

Archer Legend v1.1.30 MOD APK (Speed Map, Free Diamond Box)

Archer Legend will be a game designed in an adventure style to have a great experience. A map system with many different rounds will bring you a long adventure with many exciting things. Along the way, many difficulties will also be set to test the perseverance and desire to reach the final destination of the players participating in the game.

Archer Legend


Your adventure journey inside this game has been carefully divided into many different rounds by the manufacturer. With each round, players will be able to experience a type of map specifically designed for the challenge of that round. This will be a challenge as you will have to adapt to the map as quickly as possible to avoid the monsters’ attacks, but it will also be a significant advantage when you know how to take advantage of the terrain.

Archer Legend Archer Legend


The game has been carefully calculated to create a balanced game for players to have the best experience; their gameplay on their part is straightforward.
Instead of other games today, players will have to perform a combination of different operations such as moving, performing regular attacks, or skills. When coming to Archer Legend, players will only have to use one finger to be able to control their character.

Besides, for players to feel the progress of Archer Legend, the game has also continuously brought players valuable upgrades. After a few rounds, when the player has gained enough experience to level up, their character will gain upgrades. Various types of combat skills or even physical strength can be improved after you upgrade your character.

Archer Legend Archer Legend


  • The game is built in the adventure genre, giving players a long exciting journey.
  • The adventure will be divided into small parts for each different round.
  • Players will have to fight with difficulties and challenges from monsters in each round.
  • Special map system with obstacles designed differently between rounds.
  • Convenient for players when the control ability is simple, and the character’s ability to upgrade is very high.

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